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We Are Dauzat Martins

Hello, we are Emily Dauzat Martins and Luiz Martins. At the start of our relationship, we had no idea what the future would hold for us, but it has been nothing short of an adventure. 

After 2 wedding ceremonies, moving to another country, and a global pandemic later, Dauzat Martins was created.  We had always dreamed of starting our own business, but never found the right time. Though when COVID started, there were no more excuses.  

So on the second floor of Luiz's family home in Brazil, our dream became a reality in August of 2020.  Since then, we have worked with numerous businesses located in Brazil, the United States, and Sweden. 

At Dauzat Martins, we strive to help businesses reach accomplish their goals through social media and marketing. With our content creations and expert knowledge of multiple platforms, we can help remove that stress and lead you down the path to success.  


We look forward to working with many more businesses and seeing what else the future has in store for us. 

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